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Management Committee

We have an elected management committee to lead the club. The Foxes Netball Club Management Committee comprises of the following people:

Team Captains

Each team ( Regional,1-6 winter and 1-5 summer) have elected a team captain who represent their teams at the Management Committee meetings.
The current winter team captains are:

In addition to this the club also has a sub-committee which selects the squads and organises the coaching sessions.

Coaching Sub Committee

Donna Marks, Louise Marklew, Pat Okunnu

Karen Fletcher, Claire Walsh, Katie Sheward

Club Volunteers

There are other volunteer roles within the Club and help is always welcome. There is always some organisation to be done. The other roles within the Club and the post-holders are:

If you are interested in joining the Club or have any queries please do not hesitate to contact Katie Sheward on katie.sheward@foxesnetballclub.co.uk

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