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Use the Birmingham Netball site to find out how Foxes' teams are faring in their local leagues and for information about local Coaching and Umpiring courses

This link will take you to the Birmingham Netball League pages.

Birmingham Netball League

Find all the netball news from your local region on the West Midlands Netball site

West Midlands Netball

If you are interested in how your national team or the Superleague is going link to the England Netball site

England Netball

Or pass comment on your team and your Club on our Facebook page

Foxes Facebook Page

The kit displayed in our suppliers shop can be ordered directly from our suppliers Speed One Sports. Payment must be made before the kit is issued.

Please be aware that since these products are in most cases bespoke there will be a delay between ordering and delivery.

Foxes Online Store

Club dresses can be purchased from the small stock of dresses held by the Club.

If it is wished to purchase a Club dress then please contact:

U13s and below Donna Marks donna.marks07@yahoo.co.uk
U14s and above Ellie Williams elliewilliams@btopenworld.com

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